The Taming of the Shrew

The Cast:


Heather Roy as Kate

Blair Henson as Petruchio

Carson Snyder as Lucentio

Micah Mainzer as Bianca

Nathan Hight as Hortensio

Quick Take:

Baptista of Minola has two lovely daughters. Bianca is beautiful and sweet and Kate is…well, a shrew. The problem is, Bianca can’t get married until Kate gets hitched and everyone knows the likelihood of that happening! If only there was someone who could coax Kate out of her shell and well, tame the shrew?

The Director:

Rebecca Roy recieved her degree in Theatre from Indiana Wesleyan where she graduated in 2014. She enjoys teaching and directing for various groups throughout Central Indiana and is honored to serve as Executive Director for The Attic Theatre. Other productions she has directed for this company include Julius Caesar, Annie and Macbeth. In addition to filling the role as director, Rebecca has played significant roles on stage including Margaret Lord in The Philadelphia Story, and more recently Juror # 11 in Twelve Angry Women.

I am so excited to be directing this production not only because of the great people involved but also because this is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays! The script itself is very funny and allows the actors to really explore physical and verbal humour. Combine that with a talented cast and we have a winner!