About JumpStart

No doubt, you’ve heard of CROWD FUNDING sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, etc. But the best part about JumpStart is that it’s exclusively dedicated to The Attic Theatre; a 501c3, non-profit corporation. This means 100% of every tax deductable donation goes directly to Attic Theatre for producing better plays. No % is taken out to pay fees to the crowdfunding host. That means; What you give, is what we get!

This also means the only way others will know about JumpStart is if you send as many people, businesses, and groups to us. We need your help, so we can provide better live theater entertainment for you and many others.

Together we can!©

Why JumpStart

The Attic Theatre is by far one of the LOWEST cost entertainment venues in the area. Prices are set at ONLY $8 per ticket. By keeping ticket prices so low, more people and families are able to attend many more performances.

But in order to continue increasing the QUALITY of our productions while maintaning the lowest ticket prices possible, we’ve provided a way for our faithful suporters to give each play the JumpStart needed before the curtain rises on opening night.

Active JumpStarts

How JumpStart Works

  1. Select an ACTIVE JumpStart project.
  2. Determine the LEVEL of contribution to make.
  3. Choose to pay ONLINE (via PayPal) or OFFLINE (by mailing in a check).

That’s it! You’ve helped JumpStart a project.

The RESULTS of Online contributions are immediately tallied to show how much of the project has been funded. Offline contributions will be registered as soon as they’re received/cleared.

The TIME limit to JumpStart a production is each play’s opening night. So don’t delay! The sooner a production meets it’s goal, the better each Director can plan their production.

The GOAL of each JumpStart is determined by a detailed budget submitted by each play’s Director to the Exec. Dir. for approval. Careful attention is given to ensure each play’s budget allows for the highest production quality, while maintaining the lowest possible cost.