Alice in Wonderland

Performance Info:

DATES: February 21st, 22nd, 23rd

TIME: The play starts at 7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Rock Prairie Baptist Church
421 Ash St., Tipton, IN 46072

COST: $8 per person.
Children 3 and younger are FREE.
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Cast of Characters:

Alice – Zayley Pointer

Matilda (Alice’s Sister) – Anna Mayhill

Dinah – Audrey Taylor

White Rabbit – Joely Hardacre

Door Knob – Andrew Desai

Small Alice – Caroline Stults

Cheshire Cat – Edan Solverson

Mad Hatter – Selah Sark

March Hare – Zoe Pointer

Dormouse – Grace Rihani

Queen of Hearts – Addyson Graves

King of Hearts – Simon Wood

The Duchess – Jolie Good

The Cook – Elijah Oetjen

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum – Katie Mayhill & Kelsey Montgomery

Caterpillar – Isaiah Oetjen

Mouse – Angela Oetjen

Dodo Bird – Eli Burris

Lory – Kelsey Montgomery

Caucus – Alden Newby, Elijah Oetjen, Josiah Chris, Jack Smith, Lincoln Slate, Sanders Stults

Mock Turtle – Elizabeth Desai

Gryphon – Kendall Montgomery

Card #2 – Josiah Chris

Card #7 – Audrey Slate

Card #9 – Jack Smith

Rose – Jenna Rihani

Daisy – Anna Watson

Lilly – Abby Waymire

Sunflower – Anna Mayhill

Violet – Elizabeth Desai

Flowers – Trinity Smith, Emmy Taylor, Audrey Slate, Angela Oetjen, Jolie Good, Audrey Slate, Caroline Stults, Kendall Montgomery, Kelsey Montgomery, Tanja Gipe, Cloie Capps

Painted Roses – Trinity Smith, Caroline Stults, Emmy Taylor, Audrey Taylor, Lincoln Slate, Tanja Gipe, Cloie Capps

Cards – Alden Newby, Elijah Oetjen, Jenna Rihani, Sanders Stults, Anna Watson, Abby Waymire, Eli Burris, Andrew Desai, Emmy Taylor

Plot Summary:

Join us for a fantastical re imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic story! The whole family can enjoy Alice’s adventures through Wonderland and all the crazy characters she encounters!

About This Production:

The Attic Theatre is proud to present an annual YOUTH PRODUCTION which features not only a cast of actors under the age of 18, but also a supporting crew! Our company believes that people of all ages should be allowed the opportunity to participate in theatre arts and Alice in Wonderland is no exception!

The Director:

Rebecca Roy received her degree in Theatre from Indiana Wesleyan where she graduated in 2014. She enjoys teaching and directing for various groups throughout Central Indiana and is honored to serve as Executive Director for The Attic Theatre. Other productions she has directed for this company include Julius Caesar, Annie and Macbeth. In addition to filling the role as director, Rebecca has played significant roles on stage including Margaret Lord in The Philadelphia Story, and more recently Juror # 11 in Twelve Angry Women.

The Crew:

Assistant Director – Anna Hardacre

Stage Manager – Aubrey Crouse

Hair & Makeup – Susan Marshall

Set Design & Construction – Rebecca Roy & Andi Slate

Backstage Crew – James Dekker & Addie Mei Gipe